TODAY'S market, you are competing with many other homes-some selling far below fair market value.

Marketing your home is a team effort- and you are an important part of the team.
Studies show that a well-staged home sells for more money and in less time. You must see your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer. These suggestions help set the stage for a faster sale at the highest price; they are the very things that influence a buyer’s first impression. 

Home Interior 

  •  Keep countertops uncluttered and kitchen accessories in order. Clean all surface units (ovens, stoves, etc.).
  • Keep all flooring (hardwoods, carpet, tile, etc.) freshly cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Bathrooms are critical in the overall appearance of your home. If grout between the tiles has cracked or is discolored, re-caulk those areas.
  • Replace furnace filters and remove dust from heater registers or vent covers.
  • If doors stick or folding doors are off track, repair them.
  • Storage is important to prospective e homeowners. Cluttered closets and other storage areas accentuate a storage problem, especially in homes without basements. Store all items except those needed (off site if necessary) before you move.
  • If a room is dark during daylight hours, open the curtains, keep a lamp on or remove Curtains altogether. A bright room is pleasing and gives an air of spaciousness. Make sure all windows gleam.
  • If interior painting is necessary, use neutral colors.
  • Replace burned-out bulbs.
  • Tighten door knobs, window fittings and other hardware. Don’t attempt to hide a problem. Repair cracks in walls or concrete, broken appliances, roof leaks or wet basements.
  • Keep steps clear of hazards.
  • Use attractive bedding.
  • Keep pets out of the way during showings.
  • Pack personal collections and photos; allow prospective buyers to take emotional possession of a home.
  • Secure all valuables (jewelry, checkbooks, etc.).

Home Exterior

  • Your front door makes a vital first impression. Keep it clean. Paint if necessary.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Repair / replace torn screens, or remove and store the screens.
  • Hose or pressure wash exterior.
  • Repair (rather than just paint) gutters or exterior wood that shows cracking, peeling or chipping.
  • Make sure lawn furniture and grill are in good condition.

Lawn & Grounds

  • Keep the lawn mowed and trimmed.
  • Trim and shape the shrubs. Edge along sidewalks and driveways.
  • Remove toys, bicycles, garbage cans from lawn.
  • Reseed or sod bare areas.
  • Keep driveway and walkways free from pine straw, limbs, oil stains, etc.
  • Put a fresh layer of pine straw or mulch on all islands.
  • Keep surface water drainage areas and natural streams free from debris that may cause water to stand or stagnate.